Bryson Borgstedt

Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet

I am delighted to write a few words about Bryson Borgstedt, a long-time friend and colleague of mine in the realm of woodwind teaching and performance. Bryson is, quite simply, a brilliant jazz performer and multi-instrumentalist, and an experienced and dedicated teacher.

We musicians realize how fortunate we are that Bryson and Jane decided to return to Columbia after Bryson’s retirement from the West Point Band. I consider Bryson a great resource for aspiring woodwind players in our area, and I recommend him enthusiastically to any student wishing to develop his/her skills as a woodwind performer.

Doug Graham
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University of South Carolina School of Music

The musical community cheered when we learned that Bryson Borgstedt was returning to the Midlands after an extended stint with the West Point Military Academy Band.

Mr. Borgstedt is a wonderful performer (he plays saxophone and doubles on flute, piccolo, and clarinet--that I know of), a consummate professional, an inventive jazz improviser, a gifted teacher, and a genuinely nice individual.

Welcome home, Bryson!

Dick Goodwin
Composer/Band Leader
Distinguished USC Professor Emeritus

Bryson Borgstedt is a most qualified and outstanding music teacher and performing musician. He has a warm personality and no bad habits. I recommend him highly!

Roger Pemberton - Composer/Arranger/Saxophonist
Distinguished USC Professor Emeritus

In my three years of working with Bryson Borgstedt in saxophone study, I had the most enlightening and productive experiences in my playing career. With his knowledge and experience, I learned to submerge myself in quality music while creating the same. He is the epitome of quality producing quality.
Travis Wharton, Director of Bands
College Park Middle School
Claflin University Alumnus '07

Mr. Borgstedt has been instrumental in my growth as a musician. He is versatile in his approach to teaching and is easy to get along with. Individuals of his caliber are few.

Titus Gant
Claflin University Saxophone Student

Since returning to his home state of South Carolina, Bryson Borgstedt has emerged as an incredibly talented and reliable member of the jazz performing and education community. He offers insight to his students based on 35 years of experience in a wide variety of musical settings. He is one of the most versatile saxophonists and woodwind doublers in the Southeast, and should be called on to help in any number of musical and educational situations. He is always exceptionally well prepared, professional, and collegial, and is a warm, friendly person on top of it all. Bryson always gets my highest recommendation and I really enjoy working with him.

Matt Olson
Furman University

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